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  • Nicole Klatt, Au.D.; Doctor of Audiology

Spring is finally coming!

It is finally feeling more like spring outside! We had an unusually warm winter up until February, but those cold days sure hit us hard. This last weekend was so nice out-it was great to see the sun shining, the snow was starting to melt (we can actually see patches of grass in our backyard!) but my favorite part of the warmer weather is hearing all the birds again!

I always ask my patients at their first visit with me what their favorite sound is and why it is their favorite sound. Often times, while they are talking about what sound they love, they comment that until that moment, they hadn't thought about how much they miss hearing their favorite sound. My favorite sound is hearing the birds chirping in my backyard-it is just so peaceful and tranquil to hear them, and it instantly brings some calm into my crazy busy life. If you had to choose, what is your favorite sound and are you still hearing it well? If not, we have solutions to help you hear them again.

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