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All too often the process of being fit with hearing aids seems to be more about the device than what it truly should be! During the evaluation process Dr. Klatt will take the time to find out what your specific hearing needs are, what environments you are in, and what options you prefer to have. We will take the time to provide you a personalized experience that will bring you the best outcomes; from basic and automatic technologies to high technology hearing aids that can be controlled through a smartphone and even stream phone calls - we offer them all, and will work with you to help you hear your favorite sounds and connect you with those you love once again! 

We work with all major hearing aid companies to offer you the best options for your hearing needs. We can progam, service and repair your hearing aids, even if you did not purchase them from our clinic. In fact, we even offer drop-off hearing aid repair services in our office-often times we are able to clean, repair and return your hearing aids to you the same day!

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